Enhance Your Restaurant Advertising Free Listing to Premium with Marketing

Inclusion in the restaurant guide is dependent on the business actually preparing and/or cooking food for people, although a few specialty shops and services are also included as they might be of interest to those who enjoy cooking good food.

A basic listing is free to any business within the postcode 2263 and these described limits.

Categories & Labels

A restaurant has more than 3 tables and is primarily open at least 5 days for dining in the evening. A cafe has more than 3 tables and is primarily open for lunch and/or breakfast at least 5 days.

A takeaway may have 1 or 2 tables, but is primarily serving food that is taken away to eat elsewhere.

Sub categories include food cooked according to a country such as Indian or Chinese food, and takeaway sub categories concentrate on a particular type of food such as Burgers or Chicken.

Labels are like tags that go under the listing to help people see what is primarily served by the business or to point out their specialties or extras such as offering food to vegans or whether they are byo or licensed.

Restaurant Advertising Free Basic Listing

A basic (free) listing includes the business name, address, phone and hours, two categories and 5 labels and a one sentence description (160 characters)

If your restaurant advertising free listing is incorrect or incomplete (eg your hours are not showing, there are no labels or description) please email us with further details and we will correct this.

Premium Listings

Premium listings offer up to 10 labels and a business can list (if appropriate) in up to 5 categories. This is helpful for restaurants that offer a takeaway service.

Premium Listings are available to improve the quality of the basic free listings by enhancing the restaurants basic contact information with their own images and full descriptions. They give business owners a chance to show their browsing customers all the features and benefits of choosing to eat at their place and keep the competition local.

With a premium listing any business can show off delicious images and descriptions of a variety of menu dishes or takeaway goods. They can also show images of what their restaurant or cafe looks like inside and out. They can display a video, a description of their menu or offer a menu in a pdf format for customers to download.

Premium Plus Marketing

To reach more local customers Eat Out 2263 will soon be on Facebook and other social media websites. We will then push your facebook pages and coupons on the timeline and show the mobile version of the directory via a tab.

Business owners can choose a premium listing alone or with the plus marketing package.

Plus Marketing means we use the directory facebook page to build an email list and to promote each restaurants offers.

A business can also choose to gather their own emails and send out special offers to their own loyalty club members. They can offer a range of coupons.  If they hold events they can enter these into the directory’s event calendar.

They can also extend their premium listing information to display their own coupons, news and events, website, facebook page and other social websites in their own sidebar.

Please Contact Us To Arrange a Consultation or see “Premium Advertising” for more details.